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Origin of your customers

Learn where your visitors come from to identify the profitability of your marketing investments. Without this information, your money may be misspent.

  • How did you hear about us?

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Goal of your visitors

Discover the goals and intentions of your users. Indeed, nothing is worse than having goals that are not aligned with those of your audience of your prospects.

  • What is the purpose of your visit?

Analyze buying intentions

Learn the buying intentions of your prospects or customers with regard to your products or service.

Then, discover the factors that are preventing them from going through with a purchase and subsequently increasing your income.

  • Would you like to soon become one of our customers?
  • Are you thinking about buying from us soon?
  • Is there something that is preventing your from buying or subscribing?

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Let your customers express themselves

Let your customers spreak freely about their experiences and discover things that you would never have thought about.

You can also confirm your intuitions with your management or your colleagues by basing yourself on facts: the lived experience of your customers.

  • Why do you feel excited/interested/neutral/confused/bored/irritated?
  • What could we improve?

Recontact your potential customers

By capturing your visitors’ e-mails (which are otherwise anonymous), you can quickly react to negative or positive feedbacks and thus turn your prospects into customers.

This question is also useful to create a testers panel.

  • Would you like to be contacted on this matter?

Identify the origin of the problems.

Our lists of predefined answers will allow you to quickly identify why someone has had a positive or negative experience with your company.

Without this information, you will be doomed to repeat your mistakes.

  • Why do you feel excited/interested/neutral/confused/bored/irritated?

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Age & Sex

What’s more essential to really know your audience than finding out the age and gender of your customers? Find out which target groups have the most value for you.

  • What is your sex?
  • How old are you?

Sociodemographic data

Discover characteristics such as your customers’ income, their family situation, their jobs, their education, etc.

This information is essential if you want to contact and sell to the right people, via the right channels and with good communication.

  • What is your family situation?
  • How many children do you have?
  • What is your professional status?
  • What is your training and education?
  • How do you estimate your income?

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Analyse the value of your brand.

What do visitors think about your brand? Four questions based on Keller’s scientific approach will help you monitor and improve the value of your brand throughout your marketing investments.

  • Did you know “…” before today?

Identify your customers’ profiles

Learn more about the people who are interested in your products or services
Find out, for example, their industry, their position, or the size of their company.

  • What is the size of your enterprise?
  • In what field do you work?
  • In what sector do you work?

Satisfaction or Net Promoter Score: Measure your KPIs

Measure the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy through recognized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) or CES (Customer Effort Score).

This data, whose link with business success is well-established, will enable you to monitor the impact of your decisions daily.

  • Would you recommend us? (scale from 1 to 10)
  • Is reaching your goal easy? (scale from 1 to 5)
  • Is your experience comfortable? (scale from 1 to 5)
  • To what extent are you satisfied? (scale from 1 to 5)

Client and user statuses

Learn to tell the difference between your existing customers and users and the mere visitors to your websites. This is an essential step to communicate in the best way possible with your customers.

  • Are you one of our customers?
  • Do you have a user account?

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