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Uw privacy staat voorop. Onze academische spin-off geeft onder geen beding persoonlijke gegevens door aan bedrijven zonder uw uitdrukkelijke toestemming. Uw gegevens worden dus alleen maar openbaar gemaakt als onderdeel van statistieken, identificatie is niet mogelijk.

De klantenervaring wordt wetenschappelijk gemeten aan de hand van emoties. Met deze metingen helpt Emolytics bedrijven weloverwogen beslissingen te nemen om zo hun resultaten te verbeteren.

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Revision date : 10 November 2016

Nota: om wettelijke redenen is dit document slechts beschikbaar in het Frans of het Engels.

Privacy Policy (and Personal Data) | Version Française

Article 1 : Emolytics (hereinafter “Emolytics”) shall act in accordance with the Belgian and the European Data Protection Act with respect to the processing of personal data which may be viewed, in its entirety, on the Privacy Commission website at the following address: Emolytics, whose registered office is at Rue Louis de Geer, 6, 1348 Ottignies - Louvain-La-Neuve and is registered in the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under no. 0561.844.190, is the controller of the file and is responsible for the processing of personal data carried out within the scope of the surveys carried out by Emolytics. Any request concerning the processing and retention of your personal data may be sent to the following address:

Article 2 : By agreeing to take part in the surveys when browsing the website on the page of which a banner appeared inviting you to participate in the survey (hereinafter the “Website”), or by clicking on “Allow” or by immediately answering the interactive questionnaire, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and you state to agree with them.

By taking part to the interactive survey that appears on the Website, you agree for Emolytics to process the given data (amongst which, without this list being exhaustive, your age, your gender, any clarifications with regard to your feelings and impressions concerning the Website…) These data are collected by Emolytics in order to analyse the use of the Website and to draw up statistics on the Website traffic and the way in which the internet users perceive the Website. The results of these studies will be communicated to the Website owner in the form of statistics and/or anonymous data.

Given the informative banner concerning the data storage that appeared on the consulted website, you agree, by the sole continued use of the Website and/or of our website, that Emolytics may collect and process certain data concerning you in accordance with the terms specified below. The following information is collected: IP address, DNS address, browser type, screen resolution, consulted pages, movements of your mouse pointer and your actions on the Website or our website (scrolling down, clicks,…) as well as generic parameters which make it possible to know whether you are already client, whether you already visited the Website or our website during previous sessions , if you have already answered the interactive questionnaire and, in that case, collect the declarative data you communicated by answering this survey during previous sessions,… These data are collected solely to draw up statistics on the traffic on the consulted Website, on browsing and behaviour and reactions by the internet user in each area of the Website or of our website; they are recorded and communicated to the Website owner in an anonymous format. These electronic data make it possible to recognize you indirectly during your connections on the Website or on our website, but they alone do not allow you to be identified; the localization data, such as the IP address allow to indicate the geographic position of the connection terminal of your computer. All of the abovementioned data are collected through technical means known as “sessionStorage” and/or “localStorage”. Neither Emolytics, nor the Website owner link them to personal data collected elsewhere. Web Storage is a data registration technique which allows to store data in the browser; two types of local web storage are available: session Storage and local Storage which differ with respect to the duration of the data memorization. Session Storage memorizes data within the duration of a surfing session, the data are erased when closing the web browser tab. Local Storage memorizes the data without a time limit. You can refuse these storage of data in the parameters of your browser. You can also erase the data that are already registered on your browser at any time.

Article 3 : By agreeing to take part in surveys of any kind, you acknowledge that you are more than 16 years of age and have the consent of your parents or the person exercising parental authority if you are a minor. If you are a minor, please print out a copy of this Privacy Policy and give it to your parents or the person exercising parental authority. We also advise parents to talk to their children about their use of the Internet and the information they submit to websites. Children under sixteen years of age cannot take part in this survey. We do not process the personal data of visitors whom we can reasonably assume are less than sixteen years of age.

Article 4 : Emolytics uses technical and organisational measures intended to ensure the protection of personal data collected, amongst others, as part of its surveys, particularly by limiting access to these data only to persons within its departments who are conducting or supervising the surveys, analyses or similar studies, insofar as is necessary for the performance of their duties, including the maintenance, correction or adaptation of the software mentioned in paragraph 2 above. Emolytics shall attempt, when it is technically possible and reasonable, to use a secure transmission method to send personal data. Emolytics may not in any case be held liable for any damage linked to the loss or interception of data during transmission. The various personal data and the results of our research are stored in Emolytics’ databases; who shall endeavour to adopt adequate and proportionate technical measures to secure and protect these data against any malicious or unauthorised access. Any data that we collect and the results of our studies are also stored on a server leased from a hosting provider that offers all guarantees of security and reliability.

Article 5 : Personal data processing may be entrusted to a subcontractor. Emolytics shall choose a subcontractor that provides adequate guarantees with respect to standard security measures for personal data processing and retention. It shall stipulate in the contract the subcontractor’s liability towards Emolytics and shall make an agreement with the subcontractor that it will only act upon the instruction of Emolytics and shall be bound by the same obligations by law as Emolytics.

Article 6 : You can contact Emolytics under the terms specified in paragraph 1 if you have any question or problem related to this Privacy Policy. If you have more general questions, you can also contact the Belgian Privacy Commission whose contact details are available on its website:

Article 7 : The Website may include hyperlinks to other websites, which are not managed by Emolytics. If these websites are viewed, you are advised to read the Privacy Policy and the general conditions of these websites carefully. Emolytics cannot in any case be held liable for the Privacy Policy of these websites or the practices of their administrators.

Article 8 : Emolytics reserves the right, at all times, to make any modification to this Privacy Policy. Such changes shall come into force once they are placed online on the Website. You have been notified, which you acknowledge and accept without limitation. You thus undertake to refer to the Privacy Policy systematically upon each visit.

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