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  • EmoscoreUnique Key Performance Indicator (KPI) gauging the emotional impact of your channels, content, etc.

  • Track major KPIMeasure important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES) in quantity and continuously (CSAT, NPS, CES)

  • Visit purposeGet to know what are the goals of your customers - and it they are aligned with yours Surveys

  • Qualitative feedbackGet to know why they experience positive or negative emotions with a standardized list of reasons to chose from (N.B. You can adjust that list of items) Surveys

  • Age & Gender Surveys

  • Brand EquityMeasure your brand equity value based on the Keller approach (brand awareness, perceived quality and value as well as recommendation) Surveys

  • Open-FieldIdentify qualitative insights and suggestions from your customers in the form of short texts associated to their emotion states Surveys

  • Purchase IntentDiscover how likely your customers or prospects are willing to purchase from you, and more importantly, what is preventing them from buying Surveys

  • Email captureCapture email addresses for lead generation or to build a user panel associated to their emotions

  • Complete Socio-DemographicsKnow your customers incomes, their family structure, their employment status, the education path, etc.

  • B2B ProfileDiscover your client's company size, industry sector, department, ... Surveys

  • Customer &Compare your current users and customers results versus non-customers and non-users User status

  • Technical features:

  • Web analyticsCheck out your visitors sessions, pageviews, bounce rates, ... combined with user origins and survey responses

  • Email reportAutomatically receive weekly reports in your inbox

  • Export to Excel

  • Customization:

  • Mobile readyEnjoy a mobile compatible survey module

  • Survey flow configuratorChose your sequence of questions and activate them in seconds

  • Survey module interfaceChose between a wheel (B2C oriented) or inline (B2B oriented) interface or chose to activate embedded survey modules

  • Survey module behaviorAdjust survey frequency, delays, colors, languages, position, ...

  • Advanced survey module behaviorDefine survey behavior parameters such as: sampling size, activation by device category, Emolytics button removal, ...

  • Access and Support:

  • Support

    BasicOnline Support (through support website, email and messaging).

    DedicatedSupport by phone or email with your account manager.

  • Emolytics ConsultingReporting by our data analysts to highlight key insights and action points.


    Available on demand

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