Emolytics for Retail

Measure the emotions of your clients while they are shopping

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Know how your customers feel about you and your store.
Emolytics works everywhere:

  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Museum
  • Airport
  • Hotels
  • Any point of sale

How does it work?
Use our short URL and QR code:
Encourage your clients to give feedback easily on their mobile.

On a Receipt


Using a Terminal


On Flyers & Posters


… and start collecting reliable data from your customers.

Do not just collect data, understand why people are happy or irritated.

Additional questions help you understand the causes and reasons behind your customer experiences. You can therefore implement solutions faster, which would be impossible if you tracked only satisfaction.

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Relationship between customer satisfaction and willingness to pay

Ask your customers to share their emotions directly when they experience it in your point of sale. Combine it with additional question such as Socio-Demographic question (age, gender, revenues, ...), Repurchase Intent or Brand Equity and improve their willingness to purchase from you.

Sources: Christian Homburg, Nicole Koschate, and Wayne D Hoyer. Do satisfied customers really pay more? Journal of Marketing, 69(2):84–96, 2005.

More effective than a mystery shopper with:

  • Feedback from real clients
  • Continuous data
  • Faster and in real time
  • More qualitative results
  • Easier to manage

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