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Employees are the capital that delivers results

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Employee satisfaction matters

Employee satisfaction is key. Years of research have shown that keeping employees engaged will decrease turnover and increase business performance. Emolytics gives you the means to continuously measure your employees’ satisfaction through simple yet scientific technology.

Emolytics HR monitors your Human Resources continuously and allows you to take actions rapidly to improve your employees’ satisfaction.


70% of workers are disengaged

Loss of productivity due to employee stress levels

Sources : Gallup & Statista

« There is a direct relationship between job stress and employee retention. »
Sushma Rani,

International Journal of Research in Management, Science & Technology

Engaged employees and business impact


31% Higher productivity


37% Raising sales


19% Higher accuracy when performing tasks

Job satisfaction is not the only key predictor of turnover rates. A decade of research proves that happiness improves nearly every business and educational scenario. Yet even those companies that do take leadership training seriously still ignore the role that happiness plays in creating effective leaders.
Shawn Achor,

Extract of The Happiness Dividend,
Harvard Business Review

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Our methodology

Agile Employee Satisfaction Cycle


Key Benefits

  • Detect your company's problems quickly before they get too big
  • Get continuous feedback in real-time, based on a scientifically validated approach, instead of pushing HR surveys once a year
  • Give easy-to-understand reports to management and hard data to validate decisions
  • Be flexible and keep processes simple
  • Guaranteed to be 100% ANONYMOUS
  • Identify issues by department

How does it work?

Improve your employees' engagement by asking them pertinent questions directly through the scientifically validated Emolytics HR Surveys.

1. Checklist

  • Send an email to your team to announce the survey is coming up
  • Place a strong emphasis on the fact that all surveys are private and 100% anonymous.
  • Setup an Emolytics Emailing Campaign by department

2. Send Email Surveys

3. Access your reporting

  • How satisfied are you with your current job?
  • How stressed are you?
  • Why? (deep feedback / qualitative statements)
  • Is there anything that can be improved?

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« job satisfaction is a significant predictor of turnover (...) with OVERALL job satisfaction having more importance than INDIVIDUAL job satisfaction facets (i.e., satisfaction with the work itself, satisfaction with coworkers, satisfaction with supervisors, etc.) considered individually. »
Griffeth, Hom, & Gaertner,

Journal of Management, 2007