Emolytics for Event

Measure the Emotions of your clients at the heart of your event
- Response rate close to 100% -

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Collect feedbacks in quantity from your events and identify issue quickly before it’s too late

  • Gather feedback on presentation quality, timing, catering, etc.
  • Get real time feedback for your event
  • Achieve a response rate close to 100%

Know how your customers feel about their experience in your event.
How does it work?

  • Call to action on screen presentation with our short URL
  • Use promo boy / promo girls
  • Involve your sales team

Replace the old and boring pre/post email surveys with a modern &
in-the-moment feedback approach

  • Works on mobile. Easy-to-use and fast to get feedback
  • Understand the cause of a bad emotion instantly and solve issue in real-time

They are already convinced with Emolytics for Event:

As them, do not just collect satisfaction data:
understand the reasons behind your customers' experience.

Make people come back and talk positively about you.

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