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The more emotional, the more memorable


Measure the Emotions of your ads

in Banner ads


with In-read videos


in Native ads


Be more relevant

In 2015, more than 198 millions persons used the Adblock plugin*. It is now essential to analyze your ads relevance in order to offer the best format and the best content to your audience.

* Sources: Statista 2016

Active adblock users worldwide
(in millions)


As an Advertising Agency,
gather sales argument from your audience.

  • Collect Socio-demographics data for your specific advertising spaces.
  • Detect Emotions for each advertising format and configuration.

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Technology based on research

The more emotional, the more memorable

Average memorability (AI)


N = 240 ads

More awareness drives more sales

Likelihood of generating a sales response


N = 232 ads (AI = Awareness Index)

Sources : Millward Brown - 2009 - « Should My Advertising Stimulate an Emotional Response? ».

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