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Added Value For Event Participants

Executive Summary

STIMA, a Belgian marketing firm, is the co-organizer of the Trends Night event, an annual marketing conference. By using the Emolytics widget on the registration website of Trends Night and with a dedicated URL during the event, STIMA collected participant feedback before and during the conference. The results highlighted interesting differences between groups of participants, which Emolytics helped easily analyze.

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As an organizer of Trends Night, an annual marketing conference, STIMA wanted to know more about the participants’ feelings before and during the event. Here are questions they wanted answered:

  • Are participants excited about attending the event?
  • How are participants feeling during the different presentations?
  • Did the event meet the expectations of the participants?

Often, these questions are asked on paper surveys after the event. However, Emolytics’ easy to use widget enabled STIMA to collect data before as well as during the event, thanks to Emolytics’ multi-channel compatibility.

" Through Emolytics, we got immediate feedback with the Emoscore. The software is user-friendly, and the participants found it added value to the conference."

Sarah Vanderstricht

Project Coordinator,


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How Emolytics Helped

Emolytics’ easy-to-use tools enabled STIMA to survey participants on the registration website before the event and with a dedicated URL during the event, through a customizable widget. This enabled the organizers to:

  • Understand the emotions of participants before and during the event.
  • Evaluate the success of different talks and the event as a whole through the Emoscore.
  • Analyze the results easily with the help of visual data and color codes.
  • Plan for changes for next year’s event based on participant feedback.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The intuitive Emolytics survey widget provided great results and helpful information about the participants of Trends Night:

  • The survey on the website had a 15% response rate prior to the event.
  • During the event, 25% of participants responded to one or more surveys using the mobile widget.
  • On the website, female respondents reported mostly “boredom” while male participants reported mostly “excitement”.

" Emolytics is easy to use and a great way for our participants to feel included and heard during the event"

Sarah Vanderstricht

Project Coordinator,


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