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Executive Summary

Sherpa had a few challenges to solve about their website; but prior to make important choices, they needed reliable data. Emolytics helped them to take informed decision by taking into consideration their customers’ voices and behaviours.

Case Study of Sherpa - a Ticketmaster company

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We wanted to find answers to 4 questions when we started to work with Emolytics (

  • To validate our efforts made on the new home page of; we have invested considerable time and efforts in order to make it more attractive and more useable to our audience.
  • To better understand our sales funnel by questioning our customers immediately after their transaction to capture spontaneous feedback on their user experience.
  • To assess the urgency of our mobile ready offer; should our development resources be focused on the mobile developments and put everything else on hold?
  • To obtain qualitative information on top of all the web analytics information we already have at our fingertips today. Those abundant quantitative data explain partially who are our visitors and how they interact on our platform, but they do not explain why they do and where we should improve ourself in priority.

" There are plenty of tools providing quantitative analytics, but only a few which deliver continuous qualitative surveys."

Hubert Laterre

Chairman & Founder,

How Emolytics Helped

  • It is fast to get results. Being a high traffic website, we are connecting with thousands of visitors every day. We were collecting valuable feedback after only a couple of hours of its implementation.
  • It leads to concrete decisions. We did not have to wait weeks before taking decisions impacting our daily business. The development resources were aligned following the insight we discovered through Emolytics.
  • It is easy to integrate. It only takes 2 minutes to set up once it is in the hand of the right person internally. In a matter of minutes it was up and running on our website.
  • It delivers qualitative information. For the first time also, we have a sharper view on who our visitors are and why they like or dislike us. It is richer than a simple ‘thumbs up’.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With Emolytics we were able:

  • To know where and what we had to improve on our new home page and why to improve them; our user experience team is already working on new mockups and landing pages approaches to better comply with the users’ needs.
  • To know how people feel after a transaction; we were surprised to see their satisfaction level to be above the charts when our initial assumption was that we had a poor conversion funnel on a user experience level. “Ask your user! They know.” is probably the right attitude to adopt.
  • To probably save hundred of hours in development resources and costs due to a de-focus on a “full mobile” strategy; we know we have to get there but there is no rush for our customers.
  • To look at our web analytics knowing it had a human dimension; web analytics only show quantitative data and does not provide us with qualitative user experience feedback continuously. Emolytics does.

With the upcoming integration with Ticketmaster, we will deploy Emolytics on both websites ( and so we will have comparable measurement system and metrics on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of both platforms with a seamless KPI (the Score). As of now, we have a tool with which we can integrate the voice and emotions of our customers in our decision process.

" A rapid and flexible tool to do qualitative surveys, continuously.
Easy, fast and cost effective"

Attilio Curcio

Head of Web Marketing,

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