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Executive Summary

ImageRaider is a photo discovery tool that lets users know where their pictures are used so they can follow up on copyright infringement or request backlinks. Although the tool is now a staple for photographers, marketers and SEO specialists, it wasn’t always that way. Emolytics score played an important role in developing an appealing product that now draws close to 100,000 users every month.

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ImageRaider’s increasing popularity with photographers, marketers and SEO specialists was positive, but there was a still a good portion of users who did not like the site.

To help find the source of the problem and improve the experience for these users, ImageRaider needed to:

  • Understand the reasons behind users’ dissatisfaction with the site
  • Find alternative products to satisfy their needs
  • Evaluate the success of new products

" Emolytics definitely helped us improve our site. We noticed quite early on that a portion of users hated the site and after a bit of thinking we came up with a completely different product specifically for these users."

Alec Bertram



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How Emolytics Helped

Emolytics’ intuitive widget and expansive analytical tools made a great deal of difference for ImageRaider. After noticing a high bounce rate with a portion of users, ImageRaider implemented Emolytics tool to understand their feelings and their needs.

Emolytics helped ImageRaider with:

  • Surveying users about the website to understand their feelings
  • Improving the website to fulfill their users’ needs better
  • Coming up with alternative products when the main website just didn’t cut it

Results, return on investment and future plans

As part of the new product launch and testing, ImageRaider used Emolytics to get the pulse of its users and make the necessary changes to the website.

With the help of Emolytics, ImageRaider achieved:

  • A bounce rate drop from 60% to 20%
  • A marked improvement in its Emolytics score
  • A dramatic increase in visits, from 100 users a month to 95,000 users a month

" I really like Emolytics’ survey box. It seems to be quite easy to get users to fill it."

Alec Bertram



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