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Finally a brand equity valuation

Executive Summary wanted to identify why people were abandoning their online process while creating a book or picture album. They also wanted to measure their brand equity value with quantitative data. They put the focus on two main markets: Germany and United Kingdom when using Emolytics.

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  • wanted to identify the reasons why a chunk of users was leaving the website without committing to the sale.
  • They also wanted to obtain a Brand Equity Value of by interviewing all the people passing by / looking around their website. invests a lot of money in traffic acquisition to their website without having 100% of their visitors purchasing a product. They want to work on their conversion rate as well as getting more value from their visitors by capturing feedback.

" Knowing the reason why people leave you is essential. Emolytics tells you why."

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How Emolytics Helped

  • It helped us taking the decision to completely renew our website
  • It gave us insights on what products our audience was looking for and appreciating
  • In partnership with a Marketing Professor at ULg, Céline Brandt, Emolytics’ team developed a survey module that helped us to value our Brand Equity.

Emolytics’ technology is very easy to integrate and the team has been flexible in order to build dedicated solutions for our marketing needs. The amount of data and the immediacy of the feedback collected has been a tremendous help in ordre for us to move forward.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With Emolytics has been able :

  • To track the Emoscore evolution of its audience across the monitored websites and to align their layout changes in function of the collected feedback
  • To measure and value their Brand Equity in 2 essential markets (Germany and UK).

Interestingly enough, the brand equity value of is 11% higher in Germany than in the UK. At the same time, the Emoscore of the UK audience is 14% higher than the German Emoscore. is more known in Germany and has been able to generate more brand equity value while its newness on the UK market generates sympathy among the UK audience translated into a higher Emoscore. ambitions to roll out the use of Emolytics on all its websites around the world.

" 11% more brand equity value in Germany vs. UK shows our efforts are paying off."

Chief Marketing Officer


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