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Reliable Qualitative Data To Guide Web Marketing & Communications.

Executive Summary

Europ Assistance required qualitative data to add to quantitative analytics and guide a website redesign that would take into consideration the needs and behaviours of real users. Emolytics gave them access to their visitors’ feelings and attitudes about the website.

Case Study of Europ Assistance

Reliable data to guide communications

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In a crucial phase of our business development, we used Emolytics to complete our website redesign brief. We had the following issues to overcome:

  • We wanted to assess the changing needs and expectations of visitors.
  • We needed to understand why certain pages perform better than others.
  • We required data based on specific feedback about the visitors’ perception of our website.
  • We wanted more information about why visitors engage in certain ways on our website.

" Emolytics makes it possible to open dialogue with our website’s visitors to consider their feelings in the redesign of our website."

Alicia De Deken


Europ Assistance

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How Emolytics Helped

Emolytics’ tools enabled us to:

  • Understand the quality of the user experience and user behavior on our website through an effective, simple and non-intrusive system.
  • Customize the tool to appear only on certain pages and to ask questions suited to our situation.
  • Evaluate at a glance the health of our website.
  • Analyze the results easily with the help of visual data and color codes.
  • Share and export the results to use in briefs, reports and presentations.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Emolytics’ tools helped guide our website redesign with feedback from real visitors.
As a result, we:

  • Gathered useful knowledge to guide the improvement of our website, advertising campaigns and communications.
  • Updated our website to improve the user experience and convert more visitors.
  • Better understood the impact of our marketing actions on the user experience.

With the data we acquired from Emolytics, we developed a website redesign brief that was based as much on quantitative analytics as on qualitative data. We will continue to partner with Emolytics to continuously monitor new marketing, advertising and communication initiatives.

" Emolytics allows us to better understand the visitor’s relationship to the website and gives a voice to those who did not convert."

Alicia De Deken


Europ Assistance

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