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Putting Quantitative Data In Perspective With Emotional Feedback

Executive Summary

With over 80 million advertisements and one million SEO pages to manage and optimize, Site Annonce has to sift through a lot of data—not all of it helpful or accurate. With Emolytics and its intuitive, unobtrusive widget, Site Annonce gathered the kind of emotional data that helped them put their quantitative data in perspective and improve their display algorithms.

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Site Annonce has millions of advertisements and SEO pages to manage and optimize. Although traditional analytics are helpful, there was something missing. Sometimes the pages performed well, but users were still unhappy with them.

Site Annonce had many challenges:

  • They needed a high-level view of their pages’ performance
  • The wanted to understand why pages performed well despite negative comments from users
  • They required a new way to gather subjective, non-explicit data

" We added Emolytics to help our team analyze criteria that metrics couldn’t: how people understand our content and how they feel on our website."

Vincent Vandegans

Head of Products,

How Emolytics Helped

Emolytics’ simple widget enabled Site Annonce to gather more data on their SEO pages and advertisements. Beyond traditional quantitative analytics, which could be misleading, Emolytics gave Site Annonce the right tools to truly understand the feelings of their users and to improve their content where it most counts: the emotional level.

Emolytics provided Site Annonce with:

  • An easy-to-use widget that could be installed on any page
  • Data based on emotions that explained some of the discrepancies they had found in their quantitative data
  • A high-level view of their content’s performance

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The unobtrusive, intuitive Emolytics widget helped Site Annonce gather even more data about its content. In particular, they:

  • Easily captured feelings about the content they displayed to users
  • Identified issues with their display algorithms, thus improving their business model overall
  • Gathered very valuable feedback from their users

" We installed Emolytics on every results page to gather a lot of data and receive a different kind of user feedback."

Vincent Vandegans

Head of Products,

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