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Case Study of Sherpa - a Ticketmaster company - Qualitative customer feedback, in quantity

Sherpa had a few challenges to solve about their website; but prior to make important choices, they needed reliable data.
Emolytics helped them to take informed decision by taking into consideration their customers’ voices and behaviours.

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Loterie Nationale/Nationale Loterij - Save Money on Market Research With Emolytics' Affordable Tool

Loterie Nationale, the Belgian body for lottery in the country, recently underwent a major website redesign. Worried that the drastic changes confused or somehow affected users negatively, the Digital Communications team decided to use Emolytics on its highest-traffic pages to determine if any changes needed to be made.
As a result of their partnership with Emolytics, Loterie Nationale saved money on market research and gathered helpful data about its new website.

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Case Study of Loterie Nationale
Case Study of Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance - Reliable Qualitative Data To Guide Web Marketing & Communications.

Europ Assistance required qualitative data to add to quantitative analytics and guide a website redesign that would take into consideration the needs and behaviours of real users.
Emolytics gave them access to their visitors’ feelings and attitudes about the website.

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ImageRaider - Find Website Problems and Develop Solutions With Emolytics

ImageRaider is a photo discovery tool that lets users know where their pictures are used so they can follow up on copyright infringement or request backlinks. Although the tool is now a staple for photographers, marketers and SEO specialists, it wasn’t always that way.
Emolytics score played an important role in developing an appealing product that now draws close to 100,000 users every month.

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Case Study of Imageraider
Case Study of Sherpa - a Ticketmaster company - Finally a brand equity valuation wanted to identify why people were abandoning their online process while creating a book or picture album.
They also wanted to measure their brand equity value with quantitative data. They put the focus on two main markets: Germany and United Kingdom when using Emolytics.

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Stima - Added Value For Event Participants

STIMA, a Belgian marketing firm, is the co-organizer of the Trends Night event, an annual marketing conference. By using the Emolytics widget on the registration website of Trends Night and with a dedicated URL during the event, STIMA collected participant feedback before and during the conference.
The results highlighted interesting differences between groups of participants, which Emolytics helped easily analyze.

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Case Study of Stima
Case Study of - Putting Quantitative Data In Perspective With Emotional Feedback

With over 80 million advertisements and one million SEO pages to manage and optimize, Site Annonce has to sift through a lot of data—not all of it helpful or accurate.
With Emolytics and its intuitive, unobtrusive widget, Site Annonce gathered the kind of emotional data that helped them put their quantitative data in perspective and improve their display algorithms.

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