About Us

Have a look at emotions

Emolytics is a technology spin-off company from the Université Catholique de Louvain and part of market research and consultancy agency Profacts. It was born in the University’s Research Centers in 2009 as a Data Analysis and Computer Vision project. Emolytics' mission is to bring valuable insights to companies based on people's emotions.

The Business

Emolytics delivers an innovative market research platform that measures experience through the prism of emotion, scientifically helping businesses make informed decisions for impactful results.

The Technology

Emolytics captures and analyses various dimensions of the experience through multiple channels (websites, emails, invoices, ads, events, POS) with its innovative and user-friendly technology. The Experience Index® helps to understand customers' emotions through every possible facet of a business.

The Benefits of Emotions

With the information from Emolytics reports, managers and decision-makers are able to take actions to adapt and improve their company's performance. Emolytics' goal is to make critical and valuable data easily accessible during the key decision-making moments based on their prospects’ or customers' emotions.