The Ultimate Feedback Tool

Connect now to your most valuable customers, consumers and employees.
Get powerful data and insights in real time with easy-to-read dashboards.


Emotions are at the core of people's behaviours.

They activate memories and induce actions such as purchases, word of mouth sharing, recommendations, loyalty and many more.

Our widget captures your visitors' emotions with a high response rate. You can then make informed decisions for your business.

Qualitative feedback

Identifying the reasons behind people's experiences on your website is crucial.

Our configurable qualitative feedback module allows you to ask your customers « WHY» and to visualise those reasons in a simple chart.

Socio-demographic data

You can now better understand who your customer is.

Our reports provide a socio-demographic profile of your audience (gender and age) without high-tech gadgets or spying on your visitors. All you need to do is ask them.

You can then segment your customers by age, gender or emotions and focus on your warmest prospects.

Lead generation

Feedback is a great ice breaker.

Smart marketers know that quickly solving customers' problems deepens their engagement with your brand. Start capturing data on your emails and easily react to positive or negative feedback. We will always provide ways for your visitors to remain anonymous, unless they decide otherwise.

Brand equity audit

Sometimes you want to know more about what your brand is worth.

With our Brand Equity module based on Keller's approach, you can find out if you are investing your communications budget in the right place.

Monetize 100% of your interactions by getting brand equity feedback from visitors and customers.

Easy-to-read, in-depth reports

Emolytics reports are easy to read and understand. Dig deep into your data with our visual interface.
No time for checking reports? We send you a weekly summary email with your KPIs and your website’s performance versus the benchmark.


Interactions happen at various moments and places: in your emails, at your events, at the point of sale, on a blog post, a webpage or across a website, in an invoice, in an ad, etc.
We provide solutions so you can evaluate the quality of your interactions at all time and in all places.