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  • Up to 120 responsesone survey filled. / month
  • (ideal for websites with less than 3,000 monthly visitors)
  • StandardLibrary of essential questions to ask your customers such as Visit Purpose, Open-Field, Age, Gender, ... question library
  • BasicBasic customization: survey colors, delay and apparition settings, question flows, ... settings customization
  • Web and email channelsSurveys are only available on websites and through email.
  • BasicOnline Support (through support website, email and messaging). support
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  • On estimateYou can collect up to 25,000 votes each month with a plan adapted to your needs.
  • (best for high traffic websites)
  • CompleteComplete access to our standardized library of question: (re)purchase intent analysis, socio-demographics, standard KPIS (CES, CSAT, NPS), ... question library
  • Enterprise-levelCustomization adapted to an Enterprise level: automate your market research with survey rotation, exclude your team IP addresses, ... customization
  • Multi-channelSurvey available through several channels for the same price. Perfect to get to know your customers wherever they are. (web, email, physical, ads, ...)
  • DedicatedSupport by phone or email with your account manager. support
  • Entitled to Emolytics ConsultingYou are entitled to enter the Emolytics Consulting program, with data analyst expert and dedicated reporting and analysis.
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What our customers say

« It's interesting how I'm getting more insight into true page/content quality from Emolytics than 

Google Analytics.»

Guy Andrews -

« Thanks to Emolytics, we observed that our brand equity value was higher in Germany vs. UK by 11%, thanks to our local communication investments. »

Chief Marketing Officer -